INVX Global Group, Inc

Trade Financing

INVX Global Partners work directly with the U.S. Export Import Bank (Ex-IM Bank) and other Export Credit Agencies (mostly from European Countries) to provide financing for the import of goods and services from these countries.

Imports from the USA through Ex-Im Bank

  • Our lending partners can finance all kinds of imports.  Interest rates and general costs vary depending on the goods being imported, size of the transaction, the country and the client’s credit quality.

Imports from other countries through Export Credit Agencies (ECAs)

  • Our lending partners can provide financing on imports from these countries based on support programs from such ECAs.  Similar to the case of USA imports, financing time and costs depend on the country, products being imported and credit quality of the client.  In general, financing through ECAs tend to be competitive in both costs and financing time to financing options from regular commercial banks.
  • Since the objective of the ECAs is to promote  exports from their own countries, these Agencies tend to be aggressive in their programs to financial institutions like our lending partners.

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