INVX Global Group, Inc

Roberto Ros

Senior Associate

Education: Degree in Computer Systems B.S. (Business Oriented), Universidad de Belgrano  UB – Buenos Aires. Doctorate in Business Administration Sciences, Universidad de Belgrano  UB – Buenos Aires. Master in Corporate Finance, Universidad Argentina de la Empresa UADE – Buenos Aires.

Experience and Specialization: FILE SERVER SRL: Partner and Managing Director (CEO) IT and Digital Imaging Services. POWER TECK – Managing Director (CEO) – Corporate Services. FONPLATA Fondo Financiero para el Desarrollo de la Cuenca del Plata, International Staff in charge of Financial Planning for this Multilateral Lending Organization (Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay) MERCOSUR. MINISTERIO DE ECONOMIA OBRAS Y SERVICIOS PUBLICOS – Administrative and financial reform program. IADB Project 826 Consultant D.B. INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT S.A. (Deutsche Bank Group), Managing Director (CEO). Launch, market and assets administration of five Mutual Funds through 50 branches. Member on the Argentine Chamber of Mutual Funds Board of Directors. DEUTSCHE BANK ARGENTINA S.A. – Private Banking Manager – Securities, Local Investment Manager. DEUTSCHE BANK AG Buenos Aires Branch, Private Banking – Securities, Local and Foreign Investment Manager, Discretionary Portfolio Management, Portfolio Advisory, Private Banking, Back Office Administration, Vault, Securities analysis, advice and distribution to individual and institutional market, Director of Deutsche Bank Sociedad de Bolsa (Project Manager), Project Manager for Local Investment Funds and Legal Representative for South America Income Fund PLC (Ireland). THE CHASE MANHATTAN BANK, N.A. – Second Vice-president, Corporate Finance – Argentina, Service Products Manager, Market Development – Stock Exchange, Global Custody, Investment Funds, Capital Markets, Product Development – IPO Corporate Bonds Planning, Marketing and Control, Electronic Banking and Corporate Service Products, Product Development, Marketing and Control. IBM ARGENTINA S.A. – Accounts Manager – Branch Administrator, Collections Manager, Relationship Manager for Public Sector, Strategic Products Development, Systems Engineer.

Academic Experience: Professor in Systems, International Business Administration and Finance. Universidad Argentina de la Empresa (UADE), Buenos Aires. Professor in Advanced Finance Analysis – Master in Finance – Universidad de Belgrano. Professor in International Monetary Problems, Master in International Economical Policy, Universidad de Belgrano, Buenos Aires. Professor in Financial Policy, Master in International Economical Policy,  Universidad de Belgrano, Buenos Aires. Professor in Strategic Marketing, Doutorado em Ciência Empresarial, Universidade do Sul, Santa Catarina, Brazil. Professor of Economics Sciences, Universidad del Museo Social Argentino, Buenos Aires. Professor in Monetary and Exchange Policy, Doutorado em Ciência Empresarial, UNISUL, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. Professor in Monetary and Exchange Policy, Doutorado em Ciência Empresarial, Universidade Estácio de Sá, Río de Janeiro, Brazil.


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