INVX Global Group, Inc

John Phillip Kirby

(KCI) Kirby Consulting Inc., Delray Beach, Florida and Caribbean 1996- present
Owner that is responsible for analyzing issues and then supplying our clients with proven business solutions and having the technical expertise to implement required improvements in professional manner. Guiding business owners to develop special projects or expansion their business efficiencies, profitability, or develop capital funding for projects in Private Capital Markets. Using my experience and knowledge to form alliances between companies in complimentary businesses for synergy or facilitate the creation of new divisions within niche markets between the businesses. Believer of CIM, TQM, Six Sigma, LEAN Management, common sense, and tenacity to “get it done right”

Prestige Structural Aggregates LLC. Florida and Dominican Republic 2010-2011
President and partner for Start-up Company in Dominican Republic (DR) to develop a building materials business for DR and Caribbean markets. I established two new companies and acquired another DR company while forming strategic alliances with 3 DR Companies as contractors. Responsibly included all government relations, legal, financial, marketing, operations, and purchasing of equipment. I formed relationships to purchase government land and acquired mineral rights concessions in the DR to secure strategic advantages over domestic mines. Formed JV agreements with 2 DR Companies which would expand the company market presents and vertically consume much of the materials produced in the domestic market. Extensive hours, travel, and living in DR was requirement of this position

Coastal Aggregates LLC. Boca Raton, Florida and Dominican Republic 2003-2010
Executive Vice President and partner in start-up business to develop aggregate quarries outside the USA for processing materials to be imported into the USA and Caribbean markets by bulk shipping materials to needed markets. I have secured private and government leases and purchased land, mining concessions, tax free zones, port concessions, environmental permit, governmental approvals for quarry and ports, designed and directed complete business structure from design concept through marketing and operations. Negotiated 200 million dollar joint venture contract with multi-national material supply company for this project in Dominican Republic and worked to secure funding for this project

Modern Concrete LLC. Fort Lauderdale, Florida 1997- 2006
Vice President/General Manager of ready-mix company with complete responsibilities for all business operations reporting only to the owner. I increased sales by 600% in eight years with no additional capital investment. I found buyer and negotiated contract to sell our Florida based businesses in order to focus on Coastal Aggregates which was started in 2003 to export materials from Dominican Republic

George S. May International Company Pine Ridge, Illinois and extensive travel 1995-1996
Management consultant to diverse companies where I worked with senior executives and management on issues confronting their companies and correcting issues by implementing innovative ideas to improve business functions. My duties challenged me with seeing diverse business challenges and implementing creative solutions under tight time and budget restrictions while traveling weekly.

Stuart Supply Inc. Pompano Beach, Florida 1990-1995
Area Sales Manager responsible for recruiting marketing personnel and expanding business areas. Analyze and coordinate the company’s marketing strategy which produced growth levels in excess of 40% and expanded business to the West Coast of Florida. Owners sold the company

Rinker Materials /CSR / Mack Industries, Florida 1980-1990
Area Manager Dade/Broward Counties for Mack Industries: a supplier of full product line construction material that included 8 ready mix plants, 5 lumber yards, 3 block plants, 3 steel yards, 2 millwork operations, 2 truss plants. CSR an international corporation purchased Mack Industries in 1988 and two years later they also purchased Rinker Materials largest construction material company with cement plant, 100 plus ready mix plants, 10 aggregate quarries, steel plant, bag goods. I helped combine businesses with major IT programs and TQM systems to restructure the company into central tiered management style.

Meekins Inc /Coral Aggregates Corp./ Meekins-Bamman Prestress 1977-1980
Sales Manager for company operating 3 ready-mix operations, block plant, two quarry operations, pre-stress-precast with full training in all phases and areas of the operations and management of business.

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