INVX Global Group, Inc

Eduardo Velho

Chief Economist & Senior Associate

Education: Master’s Degree in Economics from Fundacao Getulio ///vargas’ Graduate School of Economics and Phd (ABD) in Economics from Brasillia National University (UNB).  He has lectured at IBMEC-RJ, PUC-RJ and at Anpec’s Masters Preparation Course.

Experience: Founder of INVX GLOBAL CAPITAL ASSET, is in charge of the group’s development of economic and strategic scenarios.  He was at Banco Graphus before he became Chief Economist of various banks and brokerages, including Banco Fonte, BBM Investimentos, Prosper and Planner Corretora.  He was Managing Partner of Mandarin Asset management and recently the Director of Investments at Banco Valor, in Angola.  Member of the Brazilian economic team between 1999-2002, in the Ministerio do Planejamento, advising on budget and strategic investments; Analyst at IPEA, Brazil’s Institute for Applied Economics Research, focusing on the economic cycle and developing scenarios.  Consultant for Angola’s National Bank, the country’s monetary authority and for Angola’s Ministry of Economics. Eminem discography

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