INVX Global Group, Inc

Daniel Vaca Villegas

Senior Associate

Education: Master in Business Administration- Buenos Aires, Museo Social Argentino University (UMSA).

Experience: File Server SRL – Partner and DirectorPrivately Held; 1-10 employees; Warehousing industry, Bolivia. Fondo Financiero para el Desarrollo de la Cuenca del Plata (FONPLATA) Composed of: Argentina, Bolivia,Brasil, Paraguay and Uruguay; Operations Area Manager  Main responsibilities: Manage, plan and coordinate the activities for the promotion, negotiation and management of loans and the evaluation of projects and programs. Iniciativa para la Integración de la Infraestructura Regional Sudaméricana (IIRSA) – Composed of 12 South American countries. Area: Technical Coordination Committee – Position: Coordinator appointed by FONPLATA – Main responsibilities: Planning and coordination of the activities for the execution of the Initiative, together with the coordinators appointed by IDB and CAF. Supporting the 12 member countries in the performance of their activities under the Initiative. Comisión Regional del Rio Bermejo – COREBE, General Coordinator,  Argentina, Supervise and coordinate functions of all areas of the Committee. Responsible for coordinating projects with the regional members. Verify compliance with ongoing projects. Oversee the tender process and award of supplier firms, consultancies and other contracts of the Committee, procurement rules according to FONPLATA, IDB or World Bank individual processes. Prepare the annual plans and budget, management of the collection of funds. Instituto Nacional del Agua y el Ambiente – INA: Institutional Affairs Manager, Argentina. Develop, plan and conduct promotional activities, marketing, training and dissemination activities of the Institute. Projection of the Institute and outside business activities, participation in international tenders, forming consortia with foreign firms, introduced in tenders abroad. Instituto Nacional de Ciencia y Técnicas Hídricas – INCYTH: Secretary of Project Management, Argentina. Responsible for monitoring and control of contracts and projects. Applied Hydraulics Laboratory –INCYTH: Head of Planning and Control Area, Argentina; Responsible for management and control of projects. Costs, budget control and analysis of Projects. Participate in contract management and negotiation with major engineering companies and consultants of bi-national projects. Centro Regional de Agua Subterránea – CRAS: Director of Systems and Control; Responsible for the design and development of administrative and operational systems. Responsible for monitoring project implementation. CIBA-GEIGY Argentina S.A. – Plant Manager, Argentina. Responsible for administration and organization of chemical production plants of the company. Warehouse management for raw materials and processed products, inventories, budgets, production control.

Consultancy and Advisory Services: Consultant to the Comisión Económica para América Latina y el Caribe – CEPAL – UN. Consultant to Inter-American Development Bank – IDB. Consultant in the development and management of investment projects. Consultant specialized in management, corporate planning, management by objectives, cost reduction, budgeting and control. Buenos Aires.

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